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Sep 29, 2011 11:00pm EDT
has done, great examples on the internet. indiana -- >> those are american companies. >> i've had obviously an iphone. i think apple, google, facebook wonders examples where it's like, you know, you're sort of lakers are competition? you're not even sure. [laughter] >> how is it that america is able to innovate so well given all the challenges we have great companies like that performing so well? >> in other words, the nation is a great innovator. how do you explain that? how does i continue to have been? >> it's kind of like a statement about democracy. you know, it's a bad system, but it's the least bad. well, the united states is the lease that encourage innovation. in silicon valley actually everything is particularly good at encourage innovation. the silicon valley orders of magnitude that is in any place in the world for creating new companies and fostering innovation is quite remarkable. so i don't think we actually need to worry about another country out there out innovativeness. i think like him a like him salinization in the world comes from america. it's true. a ridicul
Aug 31, 2011 11:00pm EDT
'm not supposed to root for one candidate or another, but it's the government of indiana, i like him because he's 5 ft.'6",w to the ground, in touch with people, you have to be down there. i think he's been in an extremely effective governor at a time when state budgets have ballooned and gone up 40% state after state. in indiana, the debt has gone down 40%. at the same time, a lot of programs that republican matter have been improved. even wait times at the department of motor vehicle have dropped from 60 minutes to 8 minutes. i think he's been effective government. i think the government that the republicans would do well to counterprogram against the graceful, elegant and brilliant democrat that may not be charismatic, but knows how to run things. i think the other two are mitt romney and tim pawlenty. managers, i'm less enamored. pawlenty was a good governor, but i haven't seen as much management. i think republicans have two problems. the first is they to their credit and this is to obama's deficit, they are saying we have to tacklen titlements. that is a courageous step. because the gover
Sep 1, 2011 11:00pm EDT
-grown misstate that china is an example of a country and also you have a lot of discussion at indiana, of countries that are engaged in the overconsumption, short-term political. >> guest: that's exactly right. 50 years of economic folly in stark choices ahead. america does have stark choices to make. and he needs to focus on making those choices so you can remain a preeminent economy. just as an analogy come as somebody said to me is sort of like the green bay packers. your number one. you win a super bowl. in order to stay there, focus on your own team dynamics. make sure it's the best it can be. if you start focusing on the guy snapping at your heels as number two, you can get overly focused and what they're doing in u.k. to the super bowl. i think that's a message for the united states. the problems we have right now, education, budget. china plays a role in tangentially, but it's not the core issue with respect to infrastructure. it is about what america is doing wrong. solve those problems in the remain competitive. if you don't involve province, china might even do some relativ
Sep 15, 2011 11:00pm EDT
at them is not the answer. >> host: a couple minutes left. john, independent from indiana. john, good morning, you're on the air. >> caller: hello? >> host: yes, we can hear you. >> caller: okay. when is the smoke screen going to come down? you know, our economy is not stuttering because of taxes. our economy is suffering. we have 14 million people out of work. we've got a poverty rate of 15% now, and it all boils down to the wto treaties that we're giving our jobs away to china, and this jobs bill here has three more fair trade deals in it. why doesn't anybody address the real issue on if everybody that was working and paying taxes and 40-some thousand or 40 million factories still working here in the united states, we would not have a tax problem. thank you very much. >> guest: well, i think there's a distinction between sort of long term trends and the immediate crisis. you know, the reason the unemployment numbers are spiking this week -- you know, that is not particularly because of jobs moving overseas. that's a long term trend, and we have to look at the currency manipulation a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4